Removing the Veil: John Trudell, Power, and Vital Energy

When I was a kid, I had this feeling that people weren't talking about something that was vitally important, but I couldn't put it into words. As I grew up my interests led me in the direction to investigate what it was that this feeling came from. I read everything I could get my hands on that talked about different ways to perceive reality, because I just didn't buy that what you see is what you get... Castaneda, Yogananda, McKenna, Krishnamurti...I learned and practiced shamanism, meditation, yoga, crystal healing, laying on of hands, lucid dreaming, tarot, polarity therapy, reiki, magic, alchemy, psychology, nutrition, psychedelics...I learned how to feel energy and to know that it is more real than anything else we believe to be "real." It is the foundation of everything that exists and it is from this field of energy that the material world manifests itself.

I've never been much of a worldly activist, but I am on the front lines of the inner protest against the conditioning that I've been trying to untangle myself from since I was born, and honestly from before that, because we inherit the neuroses of our parents, and their parents, and all of our unhealed ancestors. If we could for a moment just see the purity of what we are without all of these veils...I want to do more, both internally and externally, to remove this veil. This is what I have been working toward with my art, with my poetry, with my personal practice of investigating reality and using my body-mind-spirit as the vessel for understanding the macrocosm and transmutation.

The human body is capable of so much more than we are led to believe by the consensus reality. We are developing its powers externally, through technology, but we will discover that we don't need those things. In one of the books I read about shamanism when I was in my teens, I remember a story about tribal peoples in the Amazon using stones to communicate with each other over great distances. It's the same concept. The stone is conscious because it exists, and so consciousness can act through the stone. Everything that exists is consciousness. There is nothing else.

Last night I went to a Standing Rock benefit with a showing of the John Trudell documentary. I was deeply moved to learn about the life of this man who spoke so eloquently about what it means to be a human being in this time. One thing that stuck out to me was the way he talked about power coming from within the individual. It's an innate gift that we all have as we exist here in this life. We are all creators dreaming up the world that we want to live in. Every moment is a choice to move toward love or fear. Every day we can make choices to clear the programming in our head. The water they are polluting is the water of our body. INVESTIGATE REALITY for yourself. We are light creating infinite reflections of itself in every moment. Everything is made up of energy and nothing exists in isolation, because we are all part of the same ocean of energy, tumbling over and over itself in a magical process of self-discovery.

Let's change how we relate to ourselves, each other, to the vastness of what we are, together. Let's clear out the distortion, the static created by the fear machine. Let's heal our compulsions, our addictions, our neuroses, our relationships, our hearts. It all starts within and radiates out from there. It takes work, alchemy, the transmutation of our lesser selves. The more we that wake up to this, the faster things will change.

"It's like there's this predatory energy on this planet. This predatory energy feeds upon the essence of the spirit, feeds upon the essence of the human being...

In order for this predatory system, this disease, to work, we must not be able to use our minds in a clear coherent manner. Because if we use our minds in a clear coherent manner, we will not accept the unacceptable.

It's a disease that lives and travels through the minds and through the generations."

--John Trudell