The Golden Pill (Giclée Prints)


The Golden Pill (Giclée Prints)

from 30.00

Paper Prints

Limited Edition giclée prints on smooth archival white paper
Signed and numbered

Small Giclée Paper Prints - $30
Image size: 6.9 x 9.2 in. / Paper size: 8 x 10 in.
Edition of 200
(Ships within 5-10 business days)

Large Giclée Paper Prints - $80
Image size: 11 x 14.667 in. / Paper size: 13 x 16.75 in.
Edition of 200
(Ships within 5-10 business days)

Stretched Canvas Print - $1084*
Finished Canvas Size: 30" x 40"
UV Coating: Gloss UV 
Stretcher Bars: 1 1/2" 
Edges: Custom Color: #0b281b, RGB: (11,40,27)
Limited Edition of 3 (1 remaining)  
*Printed upon ordering. Please allow up to three weeks for the stretched canvas prints to be shipped out, as printing times may vary.

(Original Painting Available - Contact me for details)

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Yellow corresponds the the citrinitas, the third stage of the magnum opus or great work of the alchemist. It is the solar consciousness making itself known in the lunar, watery realms represented by the swamps. The integration of this enlightened consciousness must be allowed to happen slowly, lest it turn to delusion. By a slow, gentle application of heat (focus/fire/consciousness) and patience (passivity/water/moon) the adept enters the next and final phase, the rubedo, or the reddening, in which the enlightened awareness solidifies into the philosopher’s stone.