Photo credit: Harry C. Edwards

Photo credit: Harry C. Edwards


For over four years I've been working as a poet, typing spontaneous poetry on a vintage manual typewriter. Known as the Poem Store, I was introduced to this vocation by a friend and have found it to be deeply rewarding and enjoyable and a complimentary discipline to my painting.

The poems born from this endeavor are immediate, personal, and unique. Personalized, typewritten poems can be requested online for a donation of your choice. Click here to submit your Poem Request. If you’d like to hire me to write poems for your wedding, party, festival, or other events, please click here.


More recently I've been overtaken by a desire to write about the esoteric concepts that underlie my visual art. This is a lofty project involving multiple books, poetry, articles, and more. As a way to support these writing projects and provide an outlet for ideas, I started a Patreon account. By making a pledge, Patrons are given access to the full range of my most up-to-date and in-depth writings, as well as glimpses into my creative process as both a visual artist and writer. There are various tiers that offer additional rewards.

The books that I'm writing are inspired by my interest in trauma healing, spirituality, and alchemy, which can be understood as the relationship between consciousness and matter. Underlying this interest is a foundation of many years of study in subjects ranging from shamanism, natural medicine, tarot, psychology, nutrition, Polarity Therapy, yoga, plants, environmental studies, magic, dreams, and more. All of my work, both visual and written, aims at synthesizing vast amounts of information, over a long period of time in which the ideas are developed while I integrate them through personal experience. This is a process that no part of my life is unaffected by, and as such I have acquired a lot of practices that help me to channel this energy. A desire to share what I've learned is the underlying motivation behind these books, which is why I'm also beginning to teach classes related to spiritual alchemy, creativity, and the process of awakening to higher states of consciousness.

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