Artist Statement

My paintings are vivid explorations of psycho-emotional and alchemical transformation, both personal and universal. Meticulously detailed and reverential depictions of flora and fauna, physical and energetic anatomy, and esoteric symbols are contained within symmetrical and flowing motifs. The symbolism in my paintings is informed by my studies of alchemy, Hermeticism, tarot, astrology, energy medicine, psychology, animals, plants, and beyond.

Each painting begins as an intangible system of ideas that sometimes float around my mind for months or years before the painting begins. In a condensed period of time, these ideas coalesce into a unified composition of images that are all magically interrelated and serve as meditative tools for self-realization. The actual painting process takes months to complete, as I am actively engaging with the energetic themes of the piece as it progresses. Much of the work that goes into the paintings is on a psychological level, as well as endless hours at the canvas. Each painting consists of many thin layers of oil paint, and the supra-realistic details increase with each subsequent layer. The final result is a resolution and brightness that lends a "breathing" quality and vitality to the image, perhaps seen as the Lumen Naturae shining through the work.