Photo credit:    Lee Knowles

Photo credit: Lee Knowles

Marlene Seven Bremner was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983. She has a BA in Geography and Environmental Studies and is trained as a Polarity Therapist by the Institute of Holistic Health Careers. She is a self-taught oil painter, exploring esoteric themes arising from her study and practice of Hermeticism, alchemy, tarot, psychology, magic, astrology, shamanism, and mythology. Seven developed her painting career in the Pacific Northwest, showing her work in both group and solo exhibitions along the West Coast, and recently relocated to New Mexico in 2019.

In addition to painting, Seven works as a poet and writer. You can find her with her vintage manual typewriter at farmer’s markets and special events creating custom, on-the-spot poetry as part of the Poem Store. She also writes and teaches about symbolism, creative alchemy, and self-empowerment. Much of her writing can be found on her Patreon Blog.