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Creative Alchemy: The Great Work of Self-Liberation

  • Callus 323 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA, 98104 United States (map)

Are you ready to begin the Great Work?

Every one of us is a creator. That is the gift we have been given as human beings, but this gift is often hidden from us beneath layers of encrusted earth that we have to break through in order to access it. This stems from a lifetime of accumulated mental conditioning that obstructs our authentic creative light. Alchemy as a psycho-spiritual process teaches us--with symbols--how to enter the unconscious mind and break down these obstructions, which are like impure metals lying within the body of the earth. Purifying the mind of these obstructions brings a sense of peace and calm, increased self-awareness and personal empowerment, and the ability to access our greatest gifts. This is the work of self-liberation that allows us to create from a place of true authenticity in service to the greater good.

The mastery of the Self is mirrored in the mastery of life and art, and vice versa, as the internal processes of transformation are reflected and projected both internally and externally. As an artist following the alchemical path, we learn to attune to the rhythms of the spheres, timing creative activities to align with the seasons, zodiacal signs, planetary influences, and environment.

Alchemy teaches us the operations to transmute energy that will guide us toward the ultimate goal of this Magnum opus (Great Work), the Philosopher’s Stone, an unshakeable state of enlightened awareness.

In this two-hour workshop, I will present:

  • The basic philosophies and symbols of Hermetic Alchemy

  • How to integrate alchemy into your life and artistic process

  • Techniques for personal empowerment & spiritual transmutation

  • How to harness the power of negativity and transmute it through creativity

  • Applicable to all forms of creative expression

  • No experience in art or alchemy required

  • No materials required, just bring your Self

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