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World of Emanations

  • Mortlake & Company 121 Prefontaine Place South Seattle, WA, 98104 United States (map)

“World of Emanations” brings together three Seattle artists whose explorations of Tarot, Qabalah, and Astrology have delicately interwoven and influenced each other in their magical paths. This ever deepening relationship between the three can be viewed in the exhibition as a sort of Trinity; particularly that of Atziluth, the supernal triangle in the tree of life known as the world of emanations. It is here, and only here that God acts directly and not through his ministers. Atziluth is an archetypal world that emanates from timeless nothingness. As the first expression of light and fire, it bridges the imperfect realms of physical existence with the perfection of the infinite.

Unified by their translation of these archetypal emanations into visual images, the work of this trinity of artists incorporates geometry, symbolism, and the imagination. Their work is carried out with devotion and the intention of raising the collective human consciousness up to its true godliness. To denote Atziluth in a more gentle and poetic manner, rather than naming the show the exposed and naked name of a sacred idea we hid it behind the veil:


The ‘World of Emanations” is a place known intimately by all creators, the roots of artistic expression and source of higher insight. It is the dominion of the archetypes, immortal forms from which the infinite variety of manifestation springs forth. The creator enters this world to receive subtle impressions of order which they begin to translate and make material. This show is an examination of these timeless concepts translated through the symbolism employed by the artists, uncovered in their respective journeys of self discovery.

Michelle Anderst | Marlene Seven Bremner | Adam One


Mortlake & Company

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